DWR news round-up

A couple of weeks ago I recorded a Webinar on DWR (see previous post), which TIBCO are kindly hosting as a flash movie. It contains an overview of Reverse Ajax, integration with the Open Ajax Hub and TIBCO GI, and a new call center demo that will be part of DWR 2.1.

Sys-Con have published an article: "Simple Streaming AJAX Comet App with Open Ajax Hub, TIBCO GI, and DWR", that I wrote with Kevin Hakman. The main article link is here or you could try the print version.

Philip McCarthy has written an excellent article on "Writing scalable Comet applications with Jetty and DWR":

The Comet pattern allows you to push data to clients, and Jetty 6's Continuations API lets your Comet application scale to a large number of clients. You can conveniently take advantage of both Comet and Continuations with the Reverse Ajax technology in Direct Web Remoting 2.

If you are interested in how Jetty saves threads under heavy Comet load, it's well worth a read.


I don't normally blog every time I go to a conference because I'm sure I would sometimes forget, and it's probably not that interesting (or is it? argue in the comments), however there are a few that are coming up:

NFJS Exchange: London / August 29-31

No Fluff LogoNo-Fluff-Just-Stuffs are cool, and I particularly like that they are coming to the UK after being a US only event for years. What's good is the size - only 250 attendees, so it's way more intimate than JavaOne or something similar.

Plus there's always good swag at NFJS conferences, the swag for TRWE (below) is well known, but I'm told there's a free Wii to all attendees just for quoting a code: NFJS-DWR667. Register here.

I'm talking on DWR and on Ajax Security. I may also be sharing some stage time with Mark Goodwin.

The Rich Web Experience: San Jose / September 6-8

No Fluff LogoTRWE has an awesome list of speakers - I am looking forward to hearing Aza Raskin again. He was great at the Ajax Experience last year. I've not seen any conference that lets attendees choose from a Wii or a 30Gb iPod Video before, plus if you book using the nfjs2007speaker200 promo code you can get $200 off the entrance price. Register here.

I'm talking on DWR and on Ajax Security.

Future of Web Apps: London / October 3-5

Future of Web Apps LogoFoWA is very different for me because it's not a full time developers conference. They cater for developers, but also to a range of other skills, which means there are a whole bunch of interesting speakers that I've not met before. I'm talking on Comet and DWR. Also interesting is their web-app for registered attendees, so you can see who else is going (obviously, you need to register to attend to see), and free beer road trip.

Grails Exchange: London / October 17-19

Grails Exchange LogoThe Grails Exchange is a little strange because although there's there's a lot of Grails actions, there's also quite a lot of non-Grails-centric stuff going on too. I'm talking on DWR and on Ajax Security. If you're quick there's still early-bird registration.

The Ajax Experience: Boston / October 24-26

TAE / Boston is a way off; I've only just come home from TAE in San Francisco, so I'm way ahead of myself. We've not even arranged subjects yet.


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