Hackathon Summary

So yesterday a whole bunch of people to together to hack on some commands for the new Developer Tools Command Line. Thanks to everyone that took part.

This is a quick summary of the commands and hacks that we created. We've now got to work out what to do with them. Some we'll clean up, localize, test and ship, and some we'll do some we'll suggest putting onto AMO.

Command Description Author(s) Source
color Several commands to convert between rgb, hex, hsl and color names elvisds Gist
scratchpad Extra commands to open a empty and pre-populated scratchpads Rob Campbell Gist
debugger Several commands to control the debugger Victor Porof Patch
tilt refresh Rebuilds the visualization 3D mesh and webpage texture if any changes to the DOM were made Victor Porof Patch
calllog Use new Debugger API to log function calls Blair McBride Repo
idl Show the IDL file for a specified XPCOM interface Blair McBride Repo
memory Get a memory report for the current page Blair McBride Repo
restart Commands to restart Firefox Girish Sharma Gist
sorttabs Sorts visible tabs based on url Girish Sharma Gist
addon Commands to enable and disable plugins Mike Ratcliffe, Panagiotis Astithas, Pimm Hogeling Gist 1, Gist 2
time Time how long it takes a command to run Marten Schilstra Patch
date Prints the date to the command line Marten Schilstra Gist
responsive Commands to control responsive mode Paul Rouget Patch
loadscript Loads a JavaScript resource into the current page Marten Schilstra Gist
mdn Searches the Mozilla Developer Network Marten Schilstra, Paul Rouget Gist 1, Gist 2
find Go to a tab (fuzzy matched) Thaddee Tyl Repo
search Search and replace in page graememcc Gist
bug Open a numbered bug zombie Gist
basename/dirname Split up file paths Nick Fitzgerald Pull
qsa Perform querySelectorAll on the current document and return number of matches Zach Carter Gist
jsbeautifier Loads a URL, JS-beautifies it, and opens a new tab with the result Mike Hanson Repo
replace/rm/export Commands to edit and export page details Mihai Sucan Pull

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