Work for Mozilla building Developer Tools

Update: We've hired now, and very happy that Brian and Patrick are on the team.

Short version: Paul, Heather, Mike and I are hiring. Apply here.

The built-in developer tools are mostly built in JavaScript. So you'll need to be comfortable with using JavaScript to create applications (rather than just tweaking pages). Obviously our tools are just for Firefox so we can take advantage of ES5 and ES6 features the second they're added to Firefox so knowing about what's new would help too.

But our team is particularly about helping people understand content (i.e. HTML and CSS) so you'll also need to understand how pages are laid out and how to get a browser to bow to your bidding. You'll also need to be good at creating interfaces that people want to use, and fast at learning because there's a lot to our platform. Knowing some C++ could be useful too.

Perfect would be if you've spent time in the trenches of web development thinking "If only the tools would tell me X, Y and Z, I could be soooo much better". This is your chance to make millions of people better at their jobs.

Our team is all around the world, so you can enjoy working from home, and you'll need to communicate well over IRC, video chat and email. But you'll also be working on open source software that changes the lives of hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

If you can help, apply here, and contact me directly (twitter or jwalker at to make sure you're in the system, or to ask questions.


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