Command Line Hackathon Details

I promised details of how to take part in the command line hackathon on June 26th ...

Getting Started

The command line is part of the developer toolbar, which is currently prefed off. You enable it by visiting about:config in Firefox and setting devtools.toolbar.enabled to true and restarting.

Then use the new Tools → Web Developer → Developer Toolbar menu or press Ctrl+Shift+V (Win/Linux) or Alt+Cmd+V (Mac) to open the toolbar

If you want a way to keep your commands around, you'll want to use the command directory method, if you just want a quick hack, use scratchpad.

Creating commands with Scratchpad

Make sure you've enabled chrome privileges on your scratchpad. Then start with a template like this, and your ready to play.

See the docs creating commands with scratchpad on MDN for more.

Creating commands from a Command Directory

Find somewhere to store commands and copy this template to a file called hello.mozcmd (or you could clone the repo which could come in handy for submitting your commands). The filename isn't important but it should end .mozcmd. Then tell Firefox where your directory is with this command: pref set devtools.commands.dir <PATH-TO-DIR>.

Then refresh the commands from the command dir using cmd refresh and try out the new command: hello.

See the docs creating commands with scratchpad on MDN for more.

Finding Out More

You can probably guess most of what you need from the example, however there is documentation and links on MDN if you need more detail.

Taking Part

We're collecting ideas for commands on, and we'll keep that updated during the day to coordinate things.

To get help and support, the best option is #devtools on (SSL:on, Port:6697) or see the connection docs or use IRC on the web at (Connect to Mozilla, Channel: #devtools).

people hacking

How to raise a bug

Use this link to tell us about any problems with the command line.

Submitting a Command

You can submit a command any of the following ways:

  1. Fork this repo and create a pull request (preferred)
  2. Create a new etherpad containing your submission and put a link to your new etherpad in the main etherpad
  3. Email it to jwalker at

Whichever way you choose, please include the following in your submission so we know you're happy for us to distribute your work:

Signed-off-by: Your Name <>

Adding this text is a statement that you have the right to contribute the code under the MPLv2 for inclusion in the Mozilla codebase.

Hope to see you on June 26th