Free Webinar

The word Webinar may be one of the top-10 most hated words on the net (according to a bizarre and probably meaningless poll) but I'm not sure there is a better phrase that isn't either long or ambiguous*.

Anyway - I'm doing one.

The 'live screencast' is about DWR and TIBCO GI. It's a demo of creating a website with a rich set of widgets (courtesy of GI) and rich interactivity (courtesy of DWR).

I've spoken at a few conferences using the battleships demo, and felt that the game was interesting but not very real-world. This 'online conference' shows something that is very definitely real-world: a call center - but also one where there is some scope for innovation.

The 'broadcast talk' planned for next Wednesday, July 18, at:

  • 10:00 am Pacific
  • 1:00 pm Eastern
  • 6:00 pm UK
  • 7:00 pm Central European

It's organized by TIBCO and we'll be broadcasting using Webex, so you'll need to register.

* Wikipedia redirects Webinar to "Web Conference", but it's not a whole conference, just a seminar, and "Web Conference" makes me think of a physical conference on the web like TAE or TRWE rather than a conference that is broadcast using the web. Ho hum.


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