Introducing David Marginian

The DWR project has a new lead developer - We've just closed a unanimous vote that declares David Marginian to be the new lead.

David had been around DWR since the beginning, and has been consistently one of the most helpful people on the mailing list, and has contributed to many areas, most particularly the documentation.

Q: Why? Because David is already doing a better job of leading DWR than I am, and because for a while I've had too many projects on and been trying to do a better job of less things.

Q: Am I gone for good? No, I certainly don't intend to disappear, and I've still got a lot of love for DWR - this is mostly just me admitting that I'm not the best man for the job, and that DWR deserves better.

Q: What are you doing instead? Quite a bit of Bespin. Oh, and like everyone else, I'm excusing my lack of blog activity to the whole 140 char thing. It's a cheap excuse, but if everyone else can use it...

I'd like to thank the David, and the whole DWR community for helping make DWR a success.


Kenton Re: Introducing David Marginian

Welcome David! You have some big shoes to fill! I can't wait to see what the future of DWR holds.

David Marginian Re: Introducing David Marginian

Big shoes indeed. Thanks for the kind intro Joe.

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