InfoQ Interview

InfoQ interviewed me, and asked:

  • What are some of the major features planned for [DWR] version 3.0?
  • When is 3.0 slated for release? Is it still sometime in June?
  • What does the incremental release schedule look like before the final 3.0 release?
  • What are the top small features or fixes in 3.0 that a developer will be thankful for?
  • For someone who might have looked at DWR 2.0 and decided the time wasn't right, what might 3.0 provide to help "make the deal"?
  • What happened to 2.1, why the jump to 3.0?
  • What sort of impact will Tibco's role play in the future of DWR?
  • What are the next major milestones for DWR after 3.0?

InfoQ is built using DWR, so it would be great if they could take advantage of features like automatic offline when 3.0 comes out.

Taking of things Q. Next week, I'm talking on DWR and Comet at QCon.


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