New DWR Release - 2.0 RC4


I created this blog a few years ago specifically to announce releases of DWR, but I skip announcing new releases too often - I'm making amends: 2.0 RC4 RC4a (see below) is out of the oven.

What's new?

  • The biggy is Guice support. If it wasn't for the fact that we could add this in without touching the core of DWR, I'd say this was too big a change at this point in the release cycle, however Tim Peierls (who you might know from this project) has done a stack of work to make DWR and Guice play really well together. You can read more about the background on Tim's blog.
  • Security: The Fortify review highlighted some areas where DWR was lacking. You can read more about what DWR now does to protect you in the DWR security documentation.
  • Reverse Ajax: There have been some cases where reverse ajax has not been as stable as it should be. I hope that most of those are now behind us.

What's TODO before 2.0 final?

Not a lot. Some dwr.util fixes. Some documentation.

TIBCO have been fantastic in supporting DWR, and I'm hoping to add a demo of GI providing some UI components that are populated using DWR to the final demo war file.

Ahmed Hashim has submitted a SingletonCreator which, like Guice support can be added without touching any core code, and that's about it.

I'm hoping for a final release in a week or so.

Update: Make that RC4a. Some fixes we put in for bugs in RC3 caused errors in IE7. They are now cleared up.


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