A collection of articles on DWR

I wrote an article for Java.net a long time ago, when DWR was first out. The good news is that it's been updated with the Reverse Ajax features from DWR 2.0. It was written by Katherine Martin who I used to work with some time ago. Nice one Kath.

While we are on the subject of articles on DWR, some recent postings caught my attention:

'WebGuy' wrote about creating an email contact form using DWR and Scriptaculous.

Jose Noheda has blogged about using DWR a number of times: DWR with Dojo, and for creating tables, for validation: Part One and Part Two, With SpringAOP and Spring MVC and With Alfresco.

Finally Gtuhl wrote about a fairly in-depth article on Flex, comparing it to an HTML/JavaScript stack that includes DWR. There's a comment at the end of the article from James Ward (Flex Evangelist) who assumes that I wrote it. I can promise you that I didn't have anything to do with it, James.

Update: It appears that Gtuhl's real name is Joe. Sorry James - I got the wrong end of the stick from your addressing the comment "Hi Joe (right?)"


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