After months of planning I'm delighted to announce some cool news - DWR is getting some commercial sponsorship from TIBCO.

In the past year or so I've been dividing my time between various consultancy contracts; some of which have involved DWR, so I've had limited time to work on DWR. I am now able to put much more time into DWR development.

You can find out more about the deal on the TIBCO pages on this site, or see the official press-release.

I think this is great news for everyone. It will help general DWR development, it will help all the TIBCO customers that are using TIBCO General Interface alongside DWR, and it will help us reach enterprise customers that might have overlooked us in the past.

This doesn't mean we are going to branch out into widgets or anything. GI, Dojo, etc. do widgets far better that we ever could. DWR remains about remoting, and we're hoping that this deal will help us extend Reverse Ajax to integrate with things like JBI on the server where ActiveMatrix is strong.

It's also not going to stop us working with Scriptaculous, or integrating with Dojo, in fact it's more likely to allow me to spend more time on those types of integration. TIBCO, Dojo, DWR and others are all members of the OpenAjax Alliance whose mission is to create an eco-system for Ajax applications including the ability to mix and match libraries in solutions.

Update: See also the Ajaxian coverage, InfoQ's interview with me, The Server Side's discussion, and finally the Sys.con page.


Chris Brook Re: DWR and TIBCO

Congratulations Joe (even if I don't understand a word of it!) Chris

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