Using Google as a CVS repository browser

Apparently the new Google Code Search thingy can also be used as a repository browser. This is a screenshot of the DWR repository:

There are several options I know of for browsing open source repositories:

  • Usually the hosting provider will have one. Both (DWR/ example) and Sourceforge (DWR/ example) use ViewVC.
    Both look poor in my opinion, are slow, don't give you anything but source view, but are totally up to date.
  • Cenqua makes their excellent FishEye available to open source projects. Screenshots don't do it justice - see the DWR/Fisheye example.
    It looks much nicer, gives you nice "who-changed-it" and "how-is-it-growing" type features, but it is a bit slow and lags CVS by a day or so.
  • And now Google Code Search (DWR /Google example).
    I think it wasn't really designed for this use, so the URL is terrible and there's no index of projects (that I know of), but it is way quicker than the alternatives, and it doesn't look as bad as ViewVC.


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