DeveloperWorks on DWR and Portlets

There is another article up on DeveloperWorks about DWR, this time getting DWR to work with portlets. From the article:

"Many developers are looking to use Ajax technologies to improve the user experience of Web-based applications, but Ajax programming can be a tricky task. The open source Direct Web Remoting (DWR) library can make Ajax development easier for Java developers by automatically transforming Java classes into JavaScript classes. In this article, you'll learn how how to use DWR and JSR-168-compliant portlets to build an Ajax application quickly and easily."

The article uses DWR to build a sample Ajax application based on three portlets with the Jetspeed 2.0 portal.

"With DWR, it's almost as if JavaBeans were available in the browser. DWR simplifies your work by hiding almost all the details of Ajax and allows you to concentrate on the task at hand instead of the nuts and bolts of Ajax development."

It's worth a read if you are thinking of using DWR in a portlet environment.


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