My Talk at The Ajax Experience

A few people asked for my examples and slides from my talk at The Ajax Experience last week, so I've made it available for download.

The examples are done by "live-coding" and what you get is the start point. This means, a war file laid out properly with config files in the right places and a number of exampleX.html files and some Java files also with the outline tedium in the correct places, but the meat has been removed to a comment block at the bottom of the file.

During the talk I cut and paste the meat into the right places and talk about it as I ctrl+x, ctrl+v. It is trivial to work out where to put the code, and you can probably learn something by looking at what you are moving.

The slides are available as PowerPoint (534Kb) or PDF (200Kb).
The examples are available as a .zip file (259Kb).

The slides contain a fair bit more than I actually presented. I like going in with more than I need in case I talk too quickly, or in case someone asks a question that I wasn't planning to cover.


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