The case of James Gosling and the missing Javascript Debuggers

James Gosling recently claimed that: "None of the browsers has decent debugging hooks".

I've got a list of of Javascript debuggers that might be interesting. I think they must use the debugging hooks in Firefox and IE.

I'm sure there must be something in IntelliJ too, but I don't have a link. Maybe there is something on the cards over at JSEclipse too.

Perhaps James' issue is that the the hooks in FF/IE are not 'decent'? I guess there's also a very good chance that he was misquoted or misunderstood - it wouldn't be the first time a journalist had done that. But if not, it would be good to understand why he discounts this list.

Opera and Safari are conspicuous by their absence. Anyone have any good solutions? And I'm sure there are other debuggers missing.

Which is your favorite?


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