Confluence, Interview and Javagruppen

DWR keeps getting put into interesting new places, 3 cool ones this week. Confluence v2.0 has just been released by Atlassian and it uses DWR. I've not had chance to play with it so far but it's cool to see Ajax and DWR getting into bigger bits of software.

A few weeks ago I got interviewed by Dion for Ajaxian. We did the interview over Skype and it surprised me how good the call quality was - I'd given up with Skype a few times in the past because the call quality was so rubbish, but I guess there are enough users in the UK now that their P2P systems are better at transferring data - the Ajaxian interview sounds very clear. The recent blog entry on single-page vs. multi-page Ajax was as a direct result of thoughts that came up in the interview. Thanks for the interview guys!

Finally I'm going to the Javagruppen / Hindsgavl 06 conference where I'll be speaking on DWR. It looks like it will be a cool conference.


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