DWR version 1.0 released

DWR 1.0 has been released and is available for download.

The feature list for 1.0 looks like this:

  • AJAX remoting of JavaScript calls to Java
  • Automatic generation of JavaScript stubs to match Java code.
  • Test pages allowing you to test and debug your server code.
  • Access controls through:
    • J2EE security including role based authorization
    • Declarative access rights at a method and parameter level
  • Automatic conversion of the following types:
    • All primitive types, String, Date (including SQL variants)
    • Arrays, Collections, Maps, Iterators
    • Document, Element etc from DOM, DOM4J, JDOM, and XOM
    • JavaBeans (nested and recursive trees supported) including beans from Hibernate
  • A large array of remoting options:
    • Batch sending of remote calls
    • Support for XMLHttpRequest & iframe with POST & GET
    • Optional call ordering guarantees
  • JavaScript library for HTML manipulation including:
    • Tables, ul, ol and select lists
    • Form fields including automatic form / JavaBean mapping
    • All general content types like p, h*, div, span, etc.
  • Spring integration:
    • Remote Spring beans
    • Configure DWR using Spring config files
  • Open Source (ASL Version 2)

We're working on a number of things for the next version including conversion of any Java object (not just beans), tighter integration with Spring (Bram Smeets/Interface21), and a number of enhancements to the Javascript library that helps you build pages with remoted data.

What features would you like to see in the next version?


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