IE7 Reviews

Since IE7 got out of the starting blocks yesterday some decent reviews are starting to come in.

The most detailed review that I've seen so far is the Mezzoblue blog which looks at long list of IE6 rendering bugs and checks them off as not fixed in IE7.

It appears that IE7, like the other IE's can't officially be run at the same time as other version of IE. Although there is always the trick to running multiple versions of IE in the same OS.

The Register has a horror story about how IE7 nukes Google, Yahoo! search. Robert Schoble got cross with this report and I'd guess that Schoble is probably right in saying that any breakage to Google and Yahoo is not deliberate.

Microsoft may have made a rod for their own backs here. There has been a long history of accusations of Microsoft doing this starting with breaking Lotus with each new version of DOS and more recently with breaking MSN rendering on Opera. I guess people are bound to think the worst if they feel they've been burnt before.


Some more up-to-date opinions:


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