DWR version 1.0RC1 Released!

We've reached DWR version 1.0RC1. The list of changes for this release is slightly shorter than for previous releases:

  • DWRUtil.js: has had lots of tweaks, several functions have been deprecated, generally because there are better versions, sometimes because they don't belong in DWR. We'll probably remove them for 1.0 final so if you think any functions should stay. Join the mailing lists and tell us.
  • Better handling of collections: There is a new element in dwr.xml: <signatures> that allows you to specify method signatures in a JDK5 generics style even on JDK 1.3/1.4
  • More Remoting Options: DWR now supports iframe remoting as well as XMLHttpRequest and you can set a timeout on a call.
  • Big Website Update: Lots more documentation. Check it out.
  • Lots of changes for the release have been to make DWR more maintainable and bug free.


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