Javaworld article on DWR

JavaWorld have published a good tutorial on using DWR. The article misses a few recent changes to DWR so you'll need to know about the following:

In place of, DWRUtil.showById("id"); you should use $("id").style.display = '';.

And in place of DWRUtil.drawTable(...) you should use DWRUtil.addRows(...).

The reason for the changes is that we are trying to concentrate on being a AJAX library and not a set of generic Javascript functions. So DWR will help you get data from a server using AJAX, but it won't help you mucking with CSS and so on. Other libraries can do that better.


Cloves Carneiro Jr Re: Javaworld article on DWR

The article has just been updated to include the changes you mentioned. Thank you for pointing that out!

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