DWR 0.6 Released. AJAX and XMLHttpRequest made easy

Loads of new features in this release including support for automatic marshalling of DOM trees, better Spring support, better browser support and optional commons-logging support. The full changelist includes:

  • New ScriptedCreator so you can use Groovy (or any other language supported by BSF), etc to configure new interface objects.
  • Wider support for browsers. DWR now works with Firefox, Safari, IE, Konqueror, Opera, and Mozilla.
  • The SpringCreator will now read from bean files configured in web.xml
  • Logging via commons-logging if it is avaiable, or the old Servlet.log method if not.
  • New converters for DOM, JDOM, XOM and DOM4J so you can pass DOM trees between the client and server without thinking
  • Fix to support Jetty
  • URL tweak to provide more info to web log analysers
  • New ContextCreator to allow remoted objects to be stored in the servlet application context
  • 2 New utilities in DWRUtil: Range selection, and return event handling
  • There is also better documentation, error messages that are easier to decipher, performance and other bug fixes

You can download the jar file and sources from java.net. Or see the main project page.


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